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How The Process Works

First & foremost, you can call or email me to go over anything and ask any specific questions you may have. To actually get you up and running as a customer takes only about 90 minutes and you generally begin receiving leads the same or next day after you sign up.

Step 1 - Select Your Geography. With my leads, everything is done on a county basis. You select which counties you want leads in then I check to see if they are available. Geography is exclusive, so once you begin getting my leads no one else can get them in your area.

Step 2 - Make Payment. I send an invoice to your email (or you can order through the website) and you pay online like you would for a normal store checkout, I do not ask for or keep any credit card info and you are never charged automatically.

Step 3 - Take You Live. All leads come from paid advertising so as soon as I see your payment come through, I enable my paid advertising in your specific counties.

Step 4 - Let the Leads Flow! That's it, you are now live! A lead will come in whenever someone in your area sees the ad, is interested and fills out the form on the website. All leads come to your email in real time.

Want More Information On My Leads?

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you. If you'd like me to call you, please enter your phone number but it is not required.

You can also call me at 1-800-717-3915.